Lydia Kliche is an expert in voice, language and performance
Coach for leadership development and consultant
for internal and external corporate communications

Take benefit in the long term from the holistic, systemic approach and creativity of the coachings. Communicate soon successfully! Find the way to a flexible and agile leadership!

Offer: Consulting for companies in the field of communication and leadership, as well as individual support and equipment in individual coachings or in the small group.

Target group: Leadership-level, executives and future leaders, professionals, as well as private persons.

Special feature: The coachings are holistic and systemic, psychologically sound and are offered in German and English.

  • Safe, self-confident appearance – vocally speaking, as well as body language
    Discover language and speaking as a great resource! Relaxing over speaking, how does that work? Benefits of the sound spectrum, the timbres, the resonance spaces when speaking plus physical looseness, presence, upright – that makes a good impression! Increase of the perception ability
  • Successful communication
    Communicating in an interesting and fair way – getting to know new communication structures – language is ready-made action, what does that mean? / Formulate feedback appropriately. Can you encourage others? Further: Assertiveness and negotiating security
  • Clarification of communication-relevant topics
    Advice on practical cases – recognize conflicts and answer well – Increase your communication skills!
  • Stress and relaxation management– Get to know ways of daily relaxation and deceleration
  • Change time management sustainably – recognize time guzzlers, decide again!
  • Conscious Leading
    Efficient and human leadership – motivating, promoting and limiting others – and leading oneself? A balancing act!
  • Good Team Leadership – Enabling engagement, prevention of unnecessary loss of power, motivation, appreciation
  • Motivation for personal development and potential development

In addition consulting services / business consulting in the field of communication and leadership development.

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Mannheim, Heidelberg, Berlin, Köln